Care Management system for Microsoft 365

The care industry is currently one of the fastest-growing in the UK market and Grischke Solutions works with a number of organisation’s in this sector to improve their organisational efficiencies.

Today’s heavily legislated environment means that there is more and more documentation and paperwork to be stored. In case of future litigation and of course day-to-day access, it is imperative that the information is secure and easily retrievable.

With your clients’ information more easily accessible your organisation will be able to:

  • Provided instant access to paperwork to those authorised to see it
  • Enhanced how staff managed their workloads thereby improving staff efficiency and productivity
  • Enable better service levels to your stakeholders, including clients, families and the relevant business partners
  • Remove the overhead of expensive offsite storage for paper files
  • Be GDPR compliant and safe guard your documents against disaster
  • Boosted security as all data is backed up and encrypted for resilience
  • Avoided the necessity to hire extra staff to manage ever-increasing volumes of paperwork

Fully customised TimeSheet system for various staff across different departments. The “Add an Entry covers a variety of Shift types, Support Worker Shift, Senior Support Worker Shift, Meeting, Training or Bank Shift.

My TimeSHeet Entries include Shifts, Mileage, On-Call (out of hour shifts), Expense entries, Holidays.

The Expense form allows employees to log their spending.


Mileage Form automatically calculates the distance using Bing maps.

On-Call or Out of hours entry form

Holiday Portal is linked with the HR System and enables staff to request holidays based on their hourly annual entitlement and current balance. Once submitted, the request is sent to their line manager or a deputy manager for their approval. Both, the employee and their manager(s) are informed of the available balance before their holiday is approved.

The managers can view their staff holidays and their balance.

TOIL (Time off in lieu) Management system with expiry date.

Mobile App