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TimeSheet to calculate all for you

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TimeSheet for managing and calculating staff time and rates accurately. This has been designed mainly for the Care Industry, but it can be used in any workplace.

This product has the following features, that can be tailored to your business needs:

  • Patterned Shift System
    • For example, A, B and C, or Early and Late shifts. Three week rolling rotas.
  • Can store as many staff as you like
    • Each staff member can have their hourly rate set
    • Including different agency rates
  • Calculates Holidays taken, Sickness and any other absence
  • Calculates Bank Holiday Rates
  • Calculates overtime with different rates
  • Night Shifts and Sleep-ins
  • Cloud payroll automation capabilities
    • This means that results can be sent out to the payroll office on a regular basis automatically
  • Reporting

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